About Us

A sensible solution to a common problem!
We are a new, family run business currently embarking on our own, new boating journey.

After receiving confirmation that our narrowboat shell had been built, the hunt for a toilet soon became the next challenge. We knew we wanted a composting toilet, but after searching the market, we could not find one that appealed to us.

We took it upon ourselves to design and create our own toilet, and after sharing our creation, we were inundated with comments and requests for us to build and supply more via social media.

This has led us to recently open our business, Compoost Toilets Ltd where we have designed and produced four outstanding products which are being supplied worldwide!

As fellow boaters I'm sure you're aware that when we get together, it doesn't take long for toilet talk to come into conversation, so why not give us a call.

Our own exacting standards mean our products likewise are produced to a very high standard of workmanship, this is proven by the product he has produced and the feedback
from our customers.